Common Medical Errors in WV: What You Need to Know

Awareness of common medical errors in WV can protect you and your loved ones.

Generally speaking, health care professionals are among the most trusted and caring people in the world, including in West Virginia (WV). However, medical errors can and do occur. While life-threatening mistakes are rare, there are some common medical errors that can harm your health. Thus, it is important for you to protect your rights by becoming familiar with common medical errors in WV and to ensure justice by seeking assistance from an experienced WV medical mistake lawyer.

Be Informed: Common Medical Errors in WV

Prenatal Negligence

One of the most common medical errors in WV is prenatal negligence. This essentially means that a medical professional did not provide adequate care to a patient during any or all of the stages of her pregnancy. Here are some examples of prenatal negligence:Photo of a Bedridden, Critically-Ill Patient Attached to Monitoring Devices and Medicine Infusion Pump, Symbolizing the Occurrence of Common Medical Errors in WV.


  • Failure to identify birth defects that can reasonably be discovered prior to birth;
  • Failure to discover ectopic pregnancy; and
  • Failure to diagnose a mother’s medical condition that can affect her fetus’ health.

Prenatal negligence can carry over to issues associated with the development of the child postpartum. Reaching out for advice from WV medical error lawyer as soon as possible can help connect the dots between medical issues with a child and the prenatal care of the mother.

Medication Errors

Medication errors are certainly harmful as an improper dosage or administration can lead to serious injury or death. Common medical mistakes in WV associated with medication include failure to administer the correct dosage, failure to provide appropriate prescriptions, and failure to detect defects of equipment used to administer medication.

Anesthesia Mistakes

Mistakes related to anesthesia fall in the category of medication errors. However, it is important to discuss this separately because an error in the administration of anesthesia during surgical operations can have serious effects. Just one mistake can result in permanent brain impairment, paralysis, or even death.

Your WV medical mistake lawyer can help you pursue justice against a health care professional for errors in the use of anesthesia, such as failing to review your entire medical history (leading to failure to diagnose or treat timely or properly), not notifying you of risks and potential complications, failing to monitor your vital signs, and using faulty or outdated equipment.

Surgery Mistakes

Mistakes made during surgery can be the most terrifying for patients. Here are some of the most common medical errors in WV that are made on the operating table:


  • Performing surgery on the wrong site;
  • Injuring vital organs during surgery;
  • Negligently caring for patients post-operatively; and
  • Leaving surgical tools inside the body, such as clamps and gauze.

Surgical mistakes can lead to unnecessary follow-up procedures and infections, which prolong the recovery of a patient. If you suspect your surgery was not completed properly, reach out to an experienced WV medical mistake lawyer.

Take Action: Stay Safe from Common Medical Errors in WV

Although the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services outlined some helpful tips to promote patient safety in the lines of medicine use, hospital stays, and surgical procedures, the agency believes that being an active member of the health care system is the best way to prevent the common medical errors in WV and elsewhere. Thus, the agency urges every patient to get involved in the decision-making and delivery of care. However, if you become a victim of these medical errors, you should seek an opinion from an experienced WV medical mistake lawyer.

Was It Error? Consult a WV Medical Mistake Lawyer and Find Out

Medical mistakes happen, sometimes with devastating results. If you or someone you know has been seriously affected by common medical errors in WV, reach out to an experienced medical malpractice lawyer who can help you through the process of pursuing a claim. The personal injury and wrongful death attorneys at Hendrickson & Long, PLLC are ready to hear from you. Located in Charleston, WV, Hendrickson & Long attorneys have years of experience representing people who deserve their day in court. Allow their knowledge and insight to work for you. Contact H&L today: 304-346-5500.