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Morgantown Truck Accident Lawyer

Morgantown Truck Accident Lawyer

Any accident on the road has the potential to be catastrophic. With the sheer weight and size of a truck, these crashes often result in serious injuries, devastating property damage, and even fatalities. Poor training, the driver’s actions, hazardous road conditions, and improper maintenance can play a role in these events.

In many cases, these accidents could have been prevented. Insurance companies, trucking businesses, and the operators will all look out for their interests. But who will advocate for your rights?

If someone’s negligent or reckless actions led to a truck accident, you need a qualified and skilled Morgantown truck accident lawyer for your case. Hendrickson & Long, PLLC, is here to assist with these personal injury claims.

What Causes Collisions Involving Trucks?

Accidents involving trucks can happen for a variety of reasons. Some of the most common causes include:

Driver Fatigue

While the Federal Motor Vehicle Carrier Safety Administration dictates that drivers must rest for a set amount of time, some employers allow their drivers to work long hours. Many times that can affect their reaction time and judgment. With reduced awareness and slower reflexes, it can lead to a higher likelihood of a crash.

Distracted Driving

Like smaller vehicles, there are plenty of distractions in the cab of a truck. Checking the on-board systems, making a phone call, or even texting takes the driver’s attention off the road. Often, it only takes a split second for an accident to happen.

Mechanical Failures

Drivers and trucking companies must properly maintain their vehicles. However, that does not happen, especially if the trucking company or operator wants to cut costs. They may operate a truck with bad brakes, bald tires, or other failing parts.


High rates of speed and trucks do not mix. Due to their weight and size, these vehicles cannot stop like a car or passenger truck. When you add in speed, that can increase the distance required to make a full stop. Rear-end accidents account for most of the truck accidents on the road.

Improper Loading

The truck’s cargo often affects how it handles on the road. Unbalanced or overloaded cargo can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, especially if they need to stop or turn suddenly. Drivers are responsible for ensuring their trucks are loaded properly before driving on the road.

Poor Weather

Like other types of accidents, poor weather can lead to truck accidents. Rain, snow, and fog are all leading contributors to crashes. Along with that, wind can play a role in an accident. For example, the wind can affect the vehicle’s performance if the truck has a light load.

How Are Truck Crashes Different?

Not all accidents are treated the same under the law. Truck accidents are complex due to the federal regulations and higher insurance coverage required in the industry.

If you have been injured, you need an experienced Morgantown truck accident lawyer to help you proceed through this process. A few ways that truck accidents are different from car crashes include:

  • Liability issues: There could be multiple liable parties to the accident. Everyone from the truck manufacturer to the driver may have acted negligently. With that, you might have to work with each party’s insurance company to reach a settlement.
  • Higher insurance coverage limits: Since there is the potential for more severe injuries and damage, trucking companies and operators are required to have higher insurance coverage limits. Many times, the insurance companies are reluctant to settle these claims.
  • Extensive evidence: An attorney will often need to check data from the truck’s records, vehicle maintenance records, and driver logs. Along with that, they still need to collect the police report, eyewitness statements, and other evidence to build a solid case.
  • More regulations: Truck drivers do not just have to follow the local and state traffic laws. They also must adhere to federal regulations as well. The Hours of Service rules state when they must take breaks and how long they can stay on the road.

All of these factors can cause difficulties in any truck accident case. With the assistance of a qualified attorney, they can help you move forward in the process.

What Type of Compensation Is Available?

When it comes to compensation in a truck accident lawsuit, there are three types available to victims.

  • Economic damages are awarded to cover monetary losses, such as lost wages, damaged property, and medical bills.
  • Noneconomic damages include damages that may not have a quantifiable amount, such as emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, or pain and suffering.
  • Punitive damages are awarded on a rare basis, often due to the defendant’s reckless behavior. These damages are awarded to punish the irresponsible party and deter others from acting in a similar manner.

How a Morgantown Truck Accident Lawyer Can Help

Truck accidents often leave devastating injuries and severe property damage. After an accident, victims and their family members may not know how to take the next steps in their case. This is where a Morgantown truck accident lawyer can be a valuable resource.

The first step in this legal process is establishing negligence. An attorney can determine who may be at fault for the accident by examining all the evidence. Often, these cases can have several parties responsible for the cause of the crash.

Regarding these accidents, negotiating with the insurance companies can be incredibly complicated. Often, they try to shift the blame for the accident to other parties, like the victim. Along with that, they may offer a less-than-reasonable settlement. With an attorney on your side, they will handle all the insurance matters, from filing the initial claim to a settlement.

However, not all parties may want to settle the claim. In these cases, you need a skilled and experienced attorney for trial. These professionals will build a solid case for your claim, present the evidence, and make a strong argument on your behalf. With that, you have a legal advocate who will fight for your rights throughout the process.

Truck accidents are complex. Filing a personal injury claim may seem easy, but many factors can affect the case’s outcome. At Hendrickson & Long, PLLC can assist with these complicated cases. Schedule a consultation with one of our Morgantown truck accident lawyers today.

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