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Your Business Lawyer in WV & PA: Business Formation, Operation, and Dissolution

Every company has a life cycle. It is formed. It operates for some period of time. And it is often dissolved, merged, or sold. Perceptive business owners know that their companies have the best chance to succeed in all of these phases by developing a strong relationship with an experienced business lawyer. Hendrickson & Long serves the needs of businesses across West Virginia (WV) and Pennsylvania (PA). Regardless of the stage your company is in, you can find your business lawyer in WV and surrounding states at Hendrickson & Long, PLLC.

Navigating Business Entity and Formation Issues with Your Business Lawyer

Entrepreneurs new to the world of business can benefit greatly Image of a Person Signing a Contract, Representing Business Law Issues Such as Business Formation, Operation, and Transition; Find Your Business Lawyer in WV (West Virginia) or PA (Pennsylvania) at Hendrickson & Long PLLC.from the experienced counsel of a business lawyer. Just think of all of the legal issues faced by new business owners and managers:

  • Choice of business entity, which can affect personal legal liability, reporting obligations, recordkeeping, and tax liability
  • Contract development and review for business partners, financing entities, and vendors
  • Employee and independent contractor issues, such as properly classifying workers and developing confidentiality, noncompete, nonsolicitation, and privacy agreements
  • Governing document drafting and review, such as articles of incorporation, bylaws, and partnership agreements
  • Intellectual property protection, including copyrights, patents, service marks, and trademarks
  • Operational issues, such as identifying and obtaining proper licensing
  • Property acquisition and development issues, including environmental, land use, permitting, and zoning issues

Even those experienced in the world of business often need sound legal advice approaching many of these issues.

Operational Legal Issues Faced by Business Owners

After the type of business is selected and formation issues are taken care of, businesses move into an operational phase. The legal issues faced in operations depend partly on the nature of the company, but many are common:

An Experienced Business Lawyer in WV, or PA Can Help at the End of the Business Life Cycle

If your company is nearing the end of its life cycle, your business lawyer can provide important legal guidance and assistance, as well. Whether you’re facing business combination, succession, or closure issues, a business lawyer from Hendrickson & Long can make sure it is all handled legally.

Our business lawyers in WV and PA routinely handle the legal aspects of issues like these for our business clientele:

  • Acquisitions
  • Business transition planning
  • Mergers
  • Tax planning

Skills You Should Expect from Your Business Lawyer in WV or PA

Every business law firm worth its salt must be well-versed in the many areas of law that affect companies both large and small. One lawyer is typically not sufficient to protect a company’s interests. Rather, it often takes a team of business lawyers to represent a company well. Consider all the knowledge and skills that come into play for many businesses:

  • Arbitration services and mediation services
  • Business bankruptcy
  • Commercial law, including negotiable instruments, sales, and secured transactions
  • Competition law, such as laws dealing with monopolies and unfair trade
  • Consumer laws, such as debt collection and product liability
  • Contract law
  • Environmental law
  • Financial laws that affect companies
  • Franchise law
  • Labor and employment law
  • Negotiation skills
  • Property law, including intellectual property
  • Tax law

Perhaps most importantly, a firm must have the ability to provide not just front-end advice and document preparation but also to go to court when litigation develops.

Hendrickson & Long Has the Team of Business Attorneys You Need in WV and PA

Hendrickson & Long is a mid-sized, WV-based firm that provides comprehensive legal advice and support for businesses in PA and WV. Our firm is highly skilled in both transactional law that applies to businesses and also in business civil litigation.

Our Firm Can Handle Your Transactional and Litigation Business Law Matters

Hendrickson & Long is well-recognized for its expertise in commercial and business law issues:

In addition, many of Hendrickson & Long’s attorneys have received individualSuper Lawyers Logo, Showing the High Quality and Service You'll Receive from a Hendrickson & Long Business Lawyer in WV or PA recognition for professional knowledge or ethical standards like these:

In addition, should litigation become necessary, our civil litigation skills are top-notch.

Hendrickson & Long’s business lawyers have helped numerous companies avoid legal problems. We have also aided businesses who found themselves in hot water, defending them vigorously to avoid or mitigate problems and damages. Contact us today to begin building a relationship with your business lawyer in WV or PA.

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