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Know the Law: Child Passenger Safety Program of West Virginia

Passenger safety is a growing concern among parents and the courts. Every year, more and more booster seats, baby seats, and seat belts are being recalled due to product safety concerns. However, the Child Passenger Safety Program of West Virginia works towards keeping more kids safe and ensuring that proper seatbelt and seat standard is meeting requirements and installed properly. Keeping this type of information on the minds of the public and the courts will lead to safer roads and fewer child fatalities in car accidents.

What Does the Program Do?

The program receives federal funding that can be used to better educate and train people about passenger safety. Education is provided free of charge and is conducted various times throughout the year. People can expect to learn more about seatbelt safety, how to properly install baby seats and booster seats, and how to identify faulty seats. Due to this program, there are now a number of certified individuals that can install a car seat properly. Proper installation is a simple process that can save lives.

What are the Seatbelt Safety Requirements for Child Passengers?

The law outlines that all children up to the age of eight years old are required to be seated in a proper booster seat or other child safety seat. The only exception is if the child reaches four feet nine inches prior to their eighth birthday. In that case, a regular seatbelt will suffice for proper safety. The law allows police officers to stop and ticket individuals who do not properly buckle children in the vehicle.

Other Considerations

The program is focused on all aspects of safety including keeping up to date on the recalls and car seat defects associated with proper child seating. The program encourages parents and other adults to stay abreast of latest changes and to seek the assistance of certified CPS technicians that can help with the proper installation of seats. This is an initiative to keep everybody involved in the safety of our young people.


This program is a great inclusion in the existing laws with child passenger safety. Understanding the importance of passenger safety, especially in regards to children, can help reduce the common injuries and even the deaths associated with improper seating.

Need Help With Product Safety Claim?

The CPS program is certainly a move in the right direction to keep children safe and reduce the issues associated with faulty seats and seat belts. In the event that your child suffers injury associated with improper seating, there may be relief in the court system. If you or someone you know has fallen victim to a product safety issue, turn to a resource that can help you. Hendrickson and Long  have years of experience representing people of West Virginia. Safety is their focus as they help you navigate through the court proceedings associated with your claim. Reach out to them today for a knowledgeable defense and proper guidance for your court proceedings.