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In the event of a WV medical mistake, take legal action to protect your right as a patient!

Photo of a Hospital Operating Room, Where a WV Medical Mistake Might Occur. Protect Your Right to Quality Care as a Patient with the Help of an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer in West Virginia (WV).

Medical malpractice has been rampant in the U.S., including in West Virginia (WV). In fact, a recent study suggests that a number of deaths in the U.S. are attributable to errors in the delivery of medical care. Needless to say, nobody wants to be on the receiving end of a medical mistake. Mishaps such as these can be costly and can lead to lifelong health issues. It is the duty of all professional healthcare providers to give each patient quality medical care. If that duty is not upheld and you fall victim to a WV medical mistake, the law supports your right to bring a lawsuit.

What Circumstances Constitute a WV Medical Mistake?

Medical malpractice, medical negligence, medical error, and medical mistake are terminologies often used interchangeably, all referring to a negligent act or omission of quality care by a health care professional or institution resulting in injury or death of a patient.

A WV medical mistake can occur at any stage in the delivery of care: assessment, diagnosis, operative procedures, treatment, and aftercare. Here, we will examine a few of the most commonly reported errors that can fall into the category of medical negligence:

  • Unreasonable delays in detecting and diagnosing a medical condition
  • Failing to treat a known diagnosis of a patient
  • Performing surgeries that are unnecessary or on the wrong site
  • Injuries during birth (to mother or child)
  • Improperly managing prescriptions

These are only a few examples. Please note that you should discuss your specific case with a WV personal injury attorney to better understand where your situation falls on the legal spectrum.

WV Law Governing Medical Malpractice

There are a few specific rules applicable when it comes to bringing a lawsuit after a WV medical mistake. First, you should be aware of the statute of limitations for filing a medical malpractice or neglect case. You must follow these rules to meet the statute of limitations:

  • An injury-related claim must be filed within two years from the date of the injury or the date that the injury should have been reasonably discovered.
  • A death-related claim must generally be filed within two years from the date of death.
  • For claimants under the age of 10, the case must be filed within two years from the date of injury, or before their 12th birthday, whichever period is longer.
  • No claim can be filed 10 years after any injury.

Furthermore, WV law imposes caps on non-economic damages related to medical mistakes. Non-economic claims must not exceed $250,000 unless there is a death. In the case of a death then the amount must not exceed $500,000. It is important that an individual understand that while there may be certain limitations in their case, each claim is unique. There are a number of factors that will determine the outcome and each person who suspects that he or she may have been a victim of medical malpractice deserves to have a proper legal evaluation.

Who Might Be Liable for a WV Medical Mistake?

According to the WV Medical Professional Liability Act, any person or institution that holds any type of medical license or certification (known as a health care provider) may be sued for medical negligence or malpractice. Included in this classification are primary care physicians, specialists (such as surgeons, cardiologists, or anesthesiologists), dentists, nurses, therapists, clinics, and health care facilities.

You may always reach out to legal counsel to help you determine whether a health care provider may have been responsible for your WV medical mistake.

Legal Counsel

Do you have a WV medical mistake case? The legal system can be complicated and intimidating, but you do not have to face it alone. At Hendrickson & Long, we understand the important role  a great lawyer can play in helping injured people get the justice they deserve. Located in Charleston, WV, our law office provides comprehensive legal counsel with over 20 years of experience. Call us today with your questions about your case: 304-346-5500.

Medical Mistakes: Common Errors Made by Doctors

Generally speaking, medical professionals are among the most trusted and caring people in the world. However, medical mistakes can and do occur. While life-threatening errors are rare, there are some medical mistakes that seem to happen more often than others. Medical malpractice lawsuits are usually made up of the following blunders made by medical professionals. It is important for people to be aware of the common issues and what their rights may be surrounding their claim so that they may receive due justice.

Prenatal Negligence

One of the most common mistakes found in medical malpractice cases is in prenatal negligence. This essentially means that the medical professional did not provide adequate care to a patient during any or all of the stages of her pregnancy. Examples of prenatal negligence are:

  • Failure to identify birth defects that can reasonably be discovered prior to birth
  • Failure to discover ectopic pregnancy
  • Failure to diagnosis medical condition in mother or child

Prenatal negligence can carry over to issues associate with the development of the child postpartum. Reaching out for advice from an attorney as soon as possible can help connect the dots between medical issues with a child and the prenatal care of the mother.

Medication Mistakes

Medication mistakes are certainly harmful as amount or administration can lead to serious injury or death. Common issues associated with medication are:

  • Failure to administer proper dosage
  • Failure to provide proper prescription
  • Failure to detect issues with equipment that administers dosage

Medication mistakes can have a huge impact on a person’s health. Mixing medications, failure to receive proper medication, or overdosing can cause serious injury or even death.

Anesthesia Mistakes

Anesthesia is very serious. One mistake with this type of procedure and people can have permanent brain impairment, paralysis, or death. Some of the most common reasons that medical professionals are sued over medical mistakes are due to the following reasons:

  • Failure to review patient’s entire medical history
  • Not notifying individuals of the complications and risks
  • Failure to monitor vital signs
  • Using faulty or outdated equipment

Surgery Mistakes

Mistakes made during surgery can be the most terrifying for patients. Some of the most commonly reported mistakes made on the operating table are:

  • Performing the wrong operation
  • Injuring vital organs during the surgery
  • Negligent post-op care
  • Leaving surgical tools inside the body

Surgical mistakes can lead to unnecessary procedures, infection, and a more difficult recovery. If you suspect your surgery was not completed properly, reach out for help immediately.

Seeking Advice

While medical mistakes are not very common, they can happen. If you or someone you know have been seriously affected by the negligence of medical professionals, reach out to someone who can help you through the process. The litigation attorneys at Hendrickson and Long PLLC are ready to hear from you. Located in Charleston, West Virginia Hendrickson and Long have years of experience representing people who deserve their day in court. Allow their knowledge and insight to work for you. Contact them today.