Welcome to Our New Website!


We wish to extend a warm welcome to our new Hendrickson & Long, PLLC website. As part of our desire to better extend our outreach to the local community and help those in need of legal information, we wanted to launch a new site with updated information about the types of cases we handle and make that information as accessible as possible.

We will also be writing and publishing blogs on a regular basis. This is the first of what promises to be many monthly articles we will share to address different aspects of the law within a wide range of practice areas that the attorneys at our firm specialize in.

Those areas of interest include personal injury, commercial litigation, business and insurance disputes, and many others. Our lawyers represent both plaintiffs and defendants in these legal matters.

Our Law Office’s Priorities

Since our law office was founded in downtown Charleston more than 30 years ago, our focus has always been on prioritizing our clients’ needs. This comes through in our leave-no-stone-unturned approach to building cases and in our zealous advocacy on their behalf during administrative hearings or pre-litigation or trial phases of civil matters.

It also extends to our entire team, which is keen on keeping those who hire us informed about where things stand by maintaining regular communication about the status of their cases. We are also extremely mindful of time expenditures and cost-effectiveness.

Content You Can Expect to Find on Our Blog

Our goal for our blog isn’t to provide you with legal advice, as only an attorney you consult about your unique situation can do that. However, we aspire to provide insight into how our legal system here locally in Charleston, on a grander scale in West Virginia, and on a federal level (as applicable) works.

We also aim to regularly tackle some of the most pressing legal concerns our fellow residents are dealing with. We plan to use this blog to share details about Hendrickson & Long, PLLC’s community outreach efforts and professional awards our attorneys may receive as well.

Our Gratitude and Reaching Out for Help

We are so glad that you’ve taken the time to read this initial blog post and hope that you’ll revisit our firm’s website regularly to learn more about legal topics, such as auto accidents, insurance defense, slips and falls, environmental liability, product liability, intellectual property law, and more in addition to other information we plan to share, as described above.

In the interim, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our law office if you require legal assistance with any legal matters you see listed on our website or something similar to inquire about how we might be of assistance to you.