Hendrickson & Long seeks justice for special needs child against Holz (W. Va.) Teacher, KCBOE

Charleston, WV, United States, November 24, 2021 — Hendrickson & Long PLLC continues our pursuit of justice for the innocent, filing a lawsuit Tuesday, November 23, 2021, against Holz (W. Va.) special needs teacher Nancy Boggs and the Kanawha County Board of Education. David K. Hendrickson and Stephen E. Hastings of Hendrickson & Long, PLLC are proud to represent S.P. and S.P.’s family in attempting to correct a broken system and bring justice to those who victimize our community’s children.

S.P. is a special-needs child with Dandy-Walker malformation. She requires daily assistance with basic life functions, and was a special needs student at Holz Elementary School in Charleston, West Virginia. Boggs was S.P.’s teacher in a single-room setting.

Boggs, an employee of the Kanawha County Board of Education, was indicted on November 18, 2021 on 23 counts of battery and one count of verbal abuse of a non-communicative student.

“It’s a very tragic and very awful event in this young lady’s life,” Hendrickson told the Charleston Gazette-Mail on Tuesday. “and we’re just hoping that we can bring a little justice to the system.”

As alleged in the complaint, S.P. suffered physical and verbal abuse at the hands of Boggs on September 8th, 9th, 10th, 21st and 22nd of 2021. As a result, S.P. is alleged to have suffered injury and damages, including but not limited to physical abuse, emotional distress, humiliation, mental anguish and other damages.

Boggs was removed from the classroom on September 23, 2021.

Hendrickson and Hastings reserve the right to amend the complaint as more evidence comes to light. The West Virginia Legislature recently required cameras in “self-contained” special needs classrooms. Some alleged acts of Boggs stem from viewings of said video.

As reported by the Charleston Gazette-Mail, Hendrickson & Long has yet to be provided copies videos of S.P.’s classroom prior to September 8, 2021. County school systems are required to preserve video footage for 90 days at a time, allowing them and law enforcement to review back that far after an alleged incident.

Tuesday’s filing is an attempt to advocate for S.P., her family and other children who have faced similar alleged acts.

“It is awful to think that something like this could happen to any child, much less to our most vulnerable children,” said Hastings. “We look forward to helping the family in their pursuit of justice.”


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